General Information

How Old is Oak Hill Cemetery?

Oak Hill Cemetery is the pioneer cemetery for Birmingham. Originally known as City Cemetery, Oak Hill was founded officially in 1871 when the new City of Birmingham purchased 21.5 acres from the Elyton Land Company.

How many people are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill has roughly 11,000 burial.

Why are some markers damaged or missing?

Over the course of time there are many factors that can cause damage to markers. Some simply sink into the ground or become covered over with sod and dirt. Others are damaged due to age, pollution, weather, erosion, or lawn care equipment.

To prevent further damage, do not climb or walk on headstones, walls, monuments, or markers, Rubbings of stones is not permitted. Likewise, any repair or cleaning of stones must be done by a trained professional.

How did Oak Hill get its name?

Oak Hill was originally referred to as City Cemetery, as it was part of the original plan and design for Birmingham, Later it became known as Oak Hill because of the abundance of old oaks populating the grounds. Today, there are twelve varieties of oak trees in the cemetery.

Are there African Americans buried at Oak Hill?

Yes, approximately 20 percent of the burials at Oak Hill are from people of African American descent. When the cemetery was laid out, Block 22 (in the southwest section of the cemetery) was set aside for purchase by African American families.

Are there spaces available at Oak Hill?

Yes, there is still a limited selection of choice plots and spaces available for purchase at Oak Hill. In addition to burial plots, Oak Hill also has a new columbarium, and future plans for a scatter garden. For more information on our burial options you can call, or email us, or make an appointment and come in and talk with us.

Visiting Details

What should I know before I visit?

Here are a few basic rules that should be followed when visiting Oak Hill Cemetery:

  1. When driving, please stay on the paved roads, and do not drive over 15 MPH.and take care for drops and gutters when exiting
  2. If parking, please pull to the shoulder of the road, and be aware of drop offs and steep gutters when exiting or entering your vehicle.
  3. Do not remove plants, flowers or artifacts from the cemetery.
  4. Do not attempt any repairs or cleaning of grave features. All work must be authorized and overseen by the cemetery management.
  5. Records research is by appointment only. To arrange time a visit to research records,
Do you offer tours?

Oak Hill offers general and specialized tours, as well as special events at certain times of the year. See the Tours and Events page for more information.